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Various links, here to prevent them being lost after yet another computer crash.
Neither myself nor anyone using these links own any of the characters you recognise in these fics, we mean no harm, make no profit and suggest that noone under the legal age of consent in their country click on these links.
x Merlin
A Binding Contract A/M
A New Low (M/A)
A New Low (M/A)
Coffee Shop Muffins
Drastically Redefining Protocall
Natural Selection
Not an Act
Not in this Land Alone
Of Greatness
Stars Burn Bright
The Dragon Within
The Heart's Search
The Heart's Search
The Lonely King
Where the Pavement Ends

x Harry Potter Fics
A Change in Perspective (new link) HP/DM
A Change In Perspective - HP/DM
A Family Forgotten - HP/AB xover
A Freak Like Me - HP/Xmen xover
A Godfather in Gotham
A Life More (or less) Ordinary - HP/DM
A Nick in Time HP/SS Prequel to Growing Pains
A Panther's Heart - HP/DM
A question of etiquette HP/SS/Twins
A Taste of Liberty - HP/SS
A Thousand Beautiful Things - HPDM
An Unconventional Relationship - HP/SS
And I'll Tell You No Lies (HP/DM)
Angels and Devils - HP/DM
Articulated - HP/Buffy xover HP/XH
Ashes of Time - HP/SS - sequel to Tread Softly
Ashes of Time - HP/SS - sequel to Tread Softly
At The End of Things- HP/SS - v sad
At the Heart of Things (3) - HP/SS
Beaters and Seekers - HP/SS HP/twins
Beyond Words - HP/SS
Black Coffee (HP/DM)
Black Truth - HP/DM
Blackbird - HP/SS
Bow to Death - HPx AB
Cambiare Podentes: Invocare - HP/SS
Care of Magical Creatures + Sequels (scroll down)
Crepererum - HP/SB
Currency (HP/DM)
Dandelions - HP/SS
Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate - New Link.
Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate - New Links.
Dark Chocolate HP/SS - sad
Dead Man Walking - HP/CW
Desperate Measures HP/DM
Dragon Hunt - HP/DM
Dreaming Spires (HP/SS)
Escaping The Paradox - HP/SS
Escaping The Paradox HP/SS
Evernight - HP/SS
Evernight HP/SS
Every Rose Has A Thorn - HP/SS
Faking It - HP/SS
Fic Site
Fics fics fics
Flawed Lines - HP/SS (aww)
Ghost of a Memory - HP/SS
Growing Pains HP/DM
Growing Pains HP/SS sequel to A nick in time
Heart of Slytherin
Hogwarts knows Best (HP/SS)
Hollow HP/SS
House Proud HP/DM
How Do You Men...(HP/DM)
How Severus Spends His Summer Hols - HP/SS
HP/SS Recs
HP/SS Recs Page - full of nifty stuff
I Devise My Own Demise - HP/DM
In Care Of + Tightrope - HP+SS
In Theory - HP/SS
Increments of One - HP/CW
Incurable HP/DM
Inevitable HP/AB Xover = amazing
Jigsaw HP/SS
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent - HP/SS
links manyyy
Links to a few good fics
Links to rex sites
Lollipop - HP/SS???
Many Links!
Marriage Stone (HP/SS) wip good tho
May Contain Nuts - HP/George
Mistletoe - HP/SS
Moon Shadows - HP/AB xover
My Name is Cameron Sage - HP/SS
Nettle Soup -HP/SS
New Family HP/AB Xover
Nights of Gethsemane - HP/SS
No Way Back HP/SS
No Words, No Sleep - HP/SS
Nocturne HP/SS
Not Over - HP/SS
Occam's Razor - HP/SS
Of Cabbages and Kinga - HP/SS
On a Sure Foundation - HP/SS
Painless J site
Paper Umbrellas - HP/BW
Pendulum - HP/Various
Poor Harry List
Porn Star HP/various
Practicing Liars - H/D
Primer To The Dark Arts - HP/SS
Prince of Peace (HP/SS)
Promise Me Love - HP/DM
Purrsuit HP/SS + HP/Twins
Rapture (HP/SS)
Recnac Arc!!! yay. 3 fics.
Recnac Transfaerso - HP/GW? - same as other but finished
Recnac Transfaerso - HP/SS
Recs (Inc. HP)
Recs -separated by pairing
Recs of all kinds
Requiem at Dusk (HP/SS) wow
Rosene (1, 2&3) RW/XH Buffy Xover
Safe House (HP/SS)
Sands of Time - HP/SS (HP x Torchwood)
Say it Properly - HP/SS
Scratch - HP/SS
Second Best - HP/SS
Second Best - HP/SS
Second hand robes HP/DM
Secrets HP/DM = brilliant
Sequels to boy who lived a bit.
Shattered (HP/SS)
Snape: The Home Fries Nazi - HP/SS
Spinning off Course
Still Life - HP/SS
Stolen Stolen - HP/SS/CW
Strong at the Broken Places - HP/SS
Sunrises (HP/SS)
Taming Wild Creatures SS/SB
Tears Of Healing - HP/SS
Tears of Healing - HP/SS
The Apple Tree - HP/SS - amazing
The Bond (H/D)
The Boy Who Lived A Bit - HP/SS
The Changer - HP/SS
The Hunt - HP/AB xover
The Paradox of Existance HP/SS
The Park Bench - HP/DM
The Same Coin - new link
The Same Coin -HP/SS
The Seeker's Guide to Keeping - HP/RW
the semblance of Peace = HP/LV/SS
The Sensible Garden HP/SS
The Shoe Box Project (RL/SB)
The Shoebox Project SB/RL
The SIlver Snitch
The Third (xover)
The White Dragon - HP/DM
Theft of Assets (DM/NL)
To Have And To Hold - HP/SS
To Have and to Hold - HP/SS
To The Moon - HP/DM
Transfigurations - HP/DM
Tread Softly - HP/SS
Two Lockets HP/SS
Unknown Fate HP/DM
Unpredictable Life HP/SS
White Chocolate - HP/SS - sequel to dark chocolate - happy ending

x Teen Wolf
A Guide to Supernatural Life (Teen Wolf)
A Turning Tide
A Turning Tide
Alpha Magazine SS/DH
Alpha Spikes (Teen Wolf)
And You Say You're Alone (Teen Wolf)
Assumptions series [Teen Wolf]
Assumptions series [Teen Wolf]
At The Edges SS/DM
Beacon Hills Mysteries SS/DH
Beacon Hills Mystery
Binomial Coeffeciants
Blue Moon (Teen Wolf)
Brotherhood SS/DH
Building Something (DH/SS)
By Any Other Name
Claw PH/SS
Constant Knot PH/SS
Cornerstone SS/DH
Crash Landers SS/DH
Cupboard Love
Dating Backwards SS/DH
Devil of Mercy PH/SS
Devil of Mercy PH/SS
Discovery Channel SS/DM SS/DH
Don't Speak (Teen Wolf)
Double Negatives DH/SS
Explain Yourself SS/DH
Famous Last Words SS/DH
Fireman DH/SS
Fireman DH/SS
Five Days of Dickings
Hallowed Grounds
Hide of a Life War
Holding Back The Wind
Howling For You SS/DH
I know where babies come from
I'm still up and driving SS/DH
Important Things (Teen Wolf)
Last Traces of Smoke
Lock All the Doors Behind You (Teen Wolf)
Mating Habots -Teen Wolf
No Homo
Older ShouldRegress SS/DM
Play It Again
Posing Problems DH/SS
Predilections SS/DM
Prince Among Wolves (SS/DH)
Puppy Piles Series
Sanctuary SS/PH
Searching Ceremonies
Sell Your Body SS/DH
Sink US to Swim
Snow Flirting DH/SS
Sterek Recs
Stiles Stilinski: Agent of SHIELD
Teen Wolf Recs
Teen Wolf Recs
That Was Unexpected SS/DH
The Boy and the Beast DH/SS
The Complimentary Series (Teen Wolf)
The Joy You Find Here
The Rule of Three SS/PH/CA
The Sum of its Parts
The Trouble PH/SS/CA
The View From My Window SS/DH
The Werewolf Diaries (Teen Wolf)
Thorns SS/DH
Tiny Houses S/D
Tried and Tested (teen wolf)
We've Written Volumes (Teen Wolf)
We've Written Volumes SS/DH
Werewolf Friendly SS/DH
What Stays and What Fades DH/SS
What Stays and What Fades DH/SS
Whatever Works SS/DH SS/PH
Will to Follow (Teen Wolf)
With Feeling DH/SS
You Saw Me Standing Along SS/DH
x Smallville
Add later CK/LL
Aphrodesia - CK/LL
Cheesecake or Death - CK/LL
Clex Recs
Clex Recs site
Conflics of Interest
Cooking Considered... - CK/LL - fluff
Different Shapes of Being - CK/LL/BW
Faint Hopes and Wishes - CK/LL
Family Friendship and Love - CK/LL - mpreg
Family Portrait - CK/LL
Idyllic Life CK/LL
iHero - CK/LL
Jailbird - CK/LL
Love for Sale - CK/LL
Nemesis - CK/LL
No Darker Thank Yours C/L
Not Yet - CK/LL
Omiai - CK/LL
Outsiders SV/HP xover
Reconcilable Differences - CK/LL
Ripley, Believe It Or Not - CK/LL - Mpreg
Shadows and Stone - CK/LL LL/BW
Skin Deep - CK/LL
Subtext - CK/LL
Te's page - genius
The Comfort of Adversity C/L
The Hinge Moment - CK/LL
The Language of Love
The Road not Taken - CK/LL
The Rules of Blue = CK/LL
The Talented Miss Ripley - sequel - CK/LL
Triptych - CK/BW & BW/LL
Two Halves - CK/LL
Ulterior Motives CK/LL
When a Strawberry...CK/LL

Abide With Me - TD/TM
Acting on Impulse
Acting on Impulse
Backfired - Gibbs/McGee
Building the Future (NCIS x Smallville)
Conditio - DiNozzo/Gibbs
Dead marine, Gibbs… Bruised knees, New job - Gibbs/DiNozzo
Godfather in Gotham
Hiding in Plain Sight
More Like Magic (TD/TM)
NCIS kink LJ
Still Time for You (TD/TM)
These Things Do Happen -DiNozzo/McGee
Twn Years On (T/G)
Wants and Needs - Gibbs/DiNozzo
Where Angels Fear To Tread - Gibbs/DiNozzo

x Sherlock (BBC)
A City on the Head of a Pin
A Cure for Boredom (SH/JW)
A Mile in His Shoes (SH/JW)
A Silver Sixpence (SH/JW)
A Thousand Threads
Alphas Protect S/J G/M
Another Man (SH/JW, MH/GL)
Asexual Sherlock links
Autopsis - S/J
Bad Wallpaper (Sherlock)
Behavioural Modifications S/J
Behavioural Modifications S/J
Behavioural Modifications S/J
Behavioural Modifications S/J
Born to be Wild
Broken (SH/JW)
Build Break (MH/GL)
Cover Blown (MH/GL)
Cryptic - S/L
Despite Adversity
Entropy (S/J)
Everything You Won't Tell Me (SH/JW)
Everything You Won't Tell Me (SH/JW)
Experiment 274 (sherlock)
Give Me The Quiet Things (SH/JW)
Haunted (MH/GL)
Height, or Lack Thereof (Sherlock)
Hide Your Fires
Horse and Carriage
Human Remains GL/MH
If There's A Place For Us (SH/JW)
Impact (MH/GL)
Jupiter's Ring LJ (SH/JW - werewolf)
Lab Book
Let Me Live (SH/JW)
List of Rec Lists
Make it look easy (Sherlock)
Match (JW, GL) Amazing
Meeting the Family (S/J)
Men of Many Talents - S/J
Monster (SH/JW)
Moral Crisis
Nature and Nurture SH/JW
Nobody Told Him (MH/GL)
Nor The Years Condemn
Not Even Half Time - S/J
Of Whiskey - LeStrade/Giles
Once More, With Feeling (SH/JW)
Proved me Wrong
Reasons (Sherlock)
Reunions (JW/GL)
Roll Away Your Stone (SH/JW)
Saving Sherlock SH/JW, MH/GL
Seven Moons Series
Sherlock links
Sins of the Fathers
Slowly Dawning (SH/JW)
Space S/J
Stop Running
Surveilled (SH/JW/Sarah)
SYmmetrical, Unbroken (SH/JW)
That Thing You Like (SH/JW)
The Autumn Moon (SH/JW)
The Empty Tea Pot - S/J
The Heart in the Whole
The Hour of Separation (Sherlock)
The Magic od Deduction
The Perils of Urban Warfare (Sherlock)
The Physics of Present Tense (SH/MH)
The Rules (SH/JW)
The Shape I Left You In (SH/JW)
The Sleep of Youth (SH, MH)
Theft of Assets (DM/NL)
Thought Experiments (Sherlock)
Under the Weather (MH/GL)
Wear eachother well (MH/GL)
Whore of Babalon (SH/JW)
Winter's Delights (SH/JW)
Wordstrings in Order (SH/JW)
Yes Yes Yes J/S/M
You Need Someone (SH/GL)

x Buffy Fics
3 Inches - S/X
A Mile in My Shoes - S/X & B/G
Days of Our Unlives - Spangel - Amazing
Kin Series
Manly-Girly-Giggles - S/X
Misconceptions - X/S
Never Time Enough - S/X(/A)
Sands of Time - X/S - Amazing
Spandery Goodness
Stranger Things (S/X) et al
Survival Instincts - X/S
The Giles Thing RG/XH
The Silent Urge Series - S/X

x X Men Fics
Falling Xmen/HP
Forelsket CX/EL
Hot Blooded - Bobby/John
In The Punch Line CX/EL
Intwined (L/R)
Kissable fanatic (Toad/omc)
Let Them Talk - xmen/avengers
Like A Diamond In The Sky - HP/Xmen x/over
Mutually Beneficial Transaction C/E
When the Sun Kisses the Sea CX/EL

x Anita Blake Fics
I'm Still Up and Driving
The Wolf That Heard Crying
We Arrive in the Dark (Devil Wears Prada)
We Arrive in the Dark (Devil Wears Prada)
We Arrive in the Dark (Devil Wears Prada)
Whatever World

x Other Fandoms

211 Verse (R/E) - Castle
A Phallus in Pigtails - sorority boys
A Respectable Hobbit BB/TO Hobbit
A Respectable Hobbit BB/TO Hobbit
A Respectable Hobbit BB/TO Hobbit
A Shot in the Dark (Hobbit)
Art of Language (Hobbit)
Behind The Mask (Batman)
Bird of Prey (BW/JG) Amazing
Blend Series (batman JB/B/B
Bond of Honour (LotR)
Brainwaves (transformers)
Burn Your Heart Recs
Castle links
Castle mega linkage
Close Our Eyes (Criminal Minds) DM/PG
Coats and Customs - Amazing (Hobbit)
Conceptions of the Self
Conference Wives Series (Numb3rs)
Dance with the Devil (transformers)
Due Punishment (glee)
Dumbstruck (Numb3rs)
Epic Recs -list on right
F Yeah Fic Recs
Fandom Recs
Fuzzy (firefly)
Get Loved ... (Torchwood) Wow!
Getting the Message
Groundverse (Batman)
Hobbit Rec List
Hobbit Recs
Homeward Wind (Hobbit)
In the Family of Things JB/B
In Times of Trial (Merlin)
Inappropriate series (numb3rs)
Kick in the Head (transformers)
Learning to Fly (Batman)
Like Describing the Alphabet (firefly)
Lionheart (Hobbit)
Long Way to Go - K/P (Glee)
Loose Yourself (batman)
Marked (JB/B/B)
Much Thor
Multi Fandom Recs
Need (Batman)
Need (Batman)
No Holds Barred (Batman)
Nothing Gold Can Stay (Hobbit)
Numb3rs links
Numb3rs slash series
Oblique Recs
Out to the Woods (Hobbit)
Project Anomaly (transformers)
Put Me Back Together (glee)
Questions (glee)
Rainspots (DM/GG)
Real Boy (Merlin)
Revelation (BW/JG) Batman
RivkaT fics
Ryspositon - castle
Scientific Enquiry (Star Trek)
Secrets (Numb3rs)
Serve and Protect (Batman)
Seven Days (transformers)
Shine Like the Sun (Star Trek)
Sing my Body Electric (Charlie/Colby)
Sky and Ground (transformers)
Stiffen the Sinews (JB/B) Batman
Take Me From My Lace (Hobbit)
The Changed Future (Hobbit)
The Courtship (James Bond)
The Courtship (James Bond)
The Human Series (transformers)
The Right Thing (Devil Wears Prada)
There Lived a Hobbit
There Lived a Hobbit
Tin Soldiers (Agent Carter)
To You I Pledge (Merlin)
Truth and Measure - Devil Wears Prada
Various Recs Multifandom
Watson Master List - Numb3rs
We Arrive in the Dark (Devil Wears Prada)
Worlds That Turn on Their Own (Teen Wolf)
You Need a Rock C/D

x Highlander
As Long asYou Burn (highlander)
Don't Rock the Boat (highlander)
Misconceptions (highlander)
Quality of Mercy (highlander)
Redemtion's Price (highlander)
Sacred Trust ( omfg) highlander
Save Me the Last Dance (highlander)
Sugar Daddy (highlander)
The Causes Remain (highlander)
The Consent of Twain (highlander)
The matryoshka principle (highlander)

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