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This is a portal page for use by Medical Aid Advisors in South Africa to aid them as they search for evidence related to best medical practice. For information contact Prof Bruce Sparks at
Cochrane Library
Essential Evidence Plus and POEMS (Subscribe)
Medscape Diseases & Conditions 2017
NGC - National Guideline Clearinghouse (AHRQ)
NHS Evidence
NICE National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
NIHR | National Institute for Health Research
SIGN (Scottish Intercoll' Guideline Network
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Comp Health: Cochrane Complementary Med Newsletter
Dental: Centre for Evidence-Based Dentistry
Dental: Evidence-based Dentistry - Amer DA
Dental: Evidence-Based Dentistry British DA Journal
Dental: Evidence-Based Dentistry New Zealand DA
Dental: NHS Evidence - Oral health
Dental:Cochrane Oral Health Group
Emerg: BestBETs (Emergencies) * *
Gen: AAFP Clinical Recommendations A-Z **
Gen: ACP-ASIM Online - ACP Journal Club
Gen: AHRQ:Clinical Information Index Page
Gen: Bandolier - EBM Glossary ****
Gen: Bandolier EBM Library * * * * *
Gen: BMJ Clinical Evidence Free Dev Country ***
Gen: Centre for Clinical Effectiveness (CCE)
Gen: Centre for Evidence Based Mental Health
Gen: Centres for Health Evidence * * *
Gen: Cochrane Index of Reviews
Gen: Cochrane Library
Gen: Duke Univ M Library - Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)
Gen: Embase *** (Subscribe)
Gen: InfoRetriever (now EE+)
Gen: LHS Peoria Evidence Based Medicine
Gen: MD Consult (Subscribe)
Gen: Netting the Evidence * * * * *
Gen: NLM: National Library of Medicine
Gen: Ovid (Subscribe)
Gen: PrimeAnswers
Gen: WHO Health Evidence Network
Guidelines: PRODIGY ****
Infect: All about Vaccines **
Medscape Drugs & Diseases - Comprehensive peer-reviewed medical condition, surge
OT: OT Seeker (Occupational Therapy Evidence)
Paed: Pediatrics sites
Paed: Univ Michigan Paed EBM
Pharm: Canadian Agency on Drugs and Technologies
Physio: PEDro - The Physiotherapy Evidence Database
Physio: Physiotherapy Choices
Portal: CIAP (Australia)
Portal: Lamar Soutter Library - Univ of Mass' Med School
Portal: Projects at the EPC Johns Hopkins
Radiol: ACR Radiology Appropriateness Criteria
Research: - Linking Patients to Medical Research
Search: PubMed
Stats: SA Health Info
Surg: (Useful surgical links)
Teach: Course Outlines: Teaching EBM: Evidence-based Management (EBM)
Training: Training: Cochrane Library Training Program and Materials
2014 JNC8 Guideline for Mx of Hypertension in Adults
AAFP Clinical Recommendations A-Z **
AAOS Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines - AAOS
ACR Appropriateness Criteria - what's the best imaging study for my patient?
Amer Col of Gastroenterology
Amer Coll Gastroenterology
American Acad of Ophthalmology G/Lines
American Urological Assoc Guidelines
American Urological Association - Guidelines
American Urological Association - Guidelines
Australian Clinical Practice Guidelines ***
Canada's Database of Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs)
CDC Infection Guidelines
Choosing Wisely - USA Clinical Society recommendations
Clinical Knowledge Summaries (CKS) - NHS
G-I-N - Guidelines International Network (Subscribe)
Habif - Clinical Dermatology (Subscription)
IDSA Clinical Practice Guideline for Acute Bacterial Rhinosinusitis in Children
National Guideline Clearinghouse
NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology
New Clinical Practice Guidelines, November 2017
New Clinical Practice Guidelines, November Edition
New Zealand Evidence-Based Healthcare Bulletin
New Zealand Guidelines Group | Ministry of Health NZ
NGC - National Guideline Clearinghouse
NGC Low Back Disorders Guideline ***
NICE National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
RACGP - Guidelines
RC Ophth Diabetic Retiniopathy G/Lines.
SA Hypertension Soc Algorithm
SAGES Guidelines for Surg Treatment GERD)
SAGES Guidelines Management Hiatal Hernia
SIGN Guidelines - Superb Quality
STD Treatment Guidelines 2010 CDC
STFM Online Resources
Traveler's Health - CDC incl Yellow Book
WHO | WHO guidelines ******

AGREE Tool - Appraise Guidelines
Centre for EBM (Oxford) * * * * *
Centre for EBM (Toronto) * * * * *
Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine - UK
Critical Appraisal Tools & Examples
Critical Appraisal Tools/Worksheets
Critical appraisal tutorial (Wisdom)
EBM Exercises **
EBM Glossary ***
EBM Tutorial
eBMJ -- How to read a paper * * * * *
Emerg Ambulatory Care (Emory) * * *
Evidence-Based Dentistry - UNC
Evidence-Based Dentistry Course
Finding out more about EBM ****
Introduction to Evidence-Based Medicine Course * * * * * *
JAMA Evidence & Rational Clinical Exam
Levels of Evidence
Literature Searching
Mount Sinai EBM Modules *****
Navigating the Maze: Obtaining Evidence-Based Medical Information
Other Resources
Question Formulation
Resources for Teaching/Learning Skills for Evidence Based Practice * * *
Toronto Syllabi for Practicing EBM
University of Alberta Toolkit
User's Guides to Evidence-Based Practice * * * *
Web Based Tutorials
ACP Journal Club
Annals of Family Medicine
BMC Family Practice
Evidence Based Medicine
Evidence-based Health Care
Evidence-based Nursing
Evidence-based O & G
Evidence-Based On-Call ****
Evididence-based Mental Health
Human Resources for Health
Johns Hopkins Antibiotic Guide
Merck Medicus (including DxPlain)
Physiopedia, universal access to physiotherapy knowledge.
Physiotherapy Evidence - PEDro

x GL Ophthalmology

BMI Calculator
BMI Calculator & Interpretation
CEBM Clinical Calculators
CEBM Clinical Calculators
CEBM Clinical Calculators
CHE EBM Tools *****
Clinical Calculator
Composite-CV-Risk: McGill Cardiovascular Health Improvement Program - Needs Regi
Diabetes Calculations
Diagnostic Test Calculator
EBM & Decision Tools: Alan Schwartz
EBM Toolkit Alberta
Gale Breast Cancer Prediction Rule - NHI
Likelihood Ratios
Likelihood Ratios explantion
Medical Clinical Calculator
Medscape Calculators 2017
Ottawa Rules for Krees & Ankles
Pneumonia Severity Index
QRISK-2 CHD Risk Calculator
RiskIt - Framingham 5 year CV Risk Calculator Download
Should I get a PSA Test: Patient Doctor Decision
Stats: Biostats course
Stats: BMJ Stats Course
Stats: CEBM Stats & Calculators for EBM
Stats: Easy 2x2 Table for Stats
UCSF Evidence Based Management | Introd and Calc
WHO Fracture Risk Calculator (FRAX)

Board of Health Funders (SA)
Bruce Sparks' General Medical Links
English Dictionary, Translation etc
HPCSA Register of Practitioners
Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery
MCC - Medicines' Control Council (SA)
Medical Dictionary NIH
Medscape Clinical Articles
National HIV & TB HCW Hotline
Quack Watch
Ref Desk - General Facts on the Internet ****
Rx List - Internet Drug Index
South African Electronic Package Inserts

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