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x ITGS Mid-Term
Arstechnica: Romney IT meltdown
TIME: How Obama's data cruncher helped with win
EU Worried about US Surveillance
x Infotech II Topical Articles
What is Data Mining
Association for Computing Machinery Code of Ethics
CNET-Bill would give President emergency control of Net
Bank Transfer Error
NY Times- US Can't Trace Expired Visas
Five Prerequisites for Successful IT Projects
Death in the Family (Bookstores)
Password Security
Student's FaceBook page protected by 1st Ammendment in FL
CNET - Sharing Music is sharing info not goods
EFF Sues Governtment over Social Networking Sites
The Google-China Challenge: How It Came to This
NY Times - Judge rules NSA wiretaps illegal
Police Officer Fired
What Google Actually Said (blog)
The first Spam
Websense Case Studies
CIPA Update
Updated Piracy Stats by Country
Official Piracy Stats - PDF
PEW - Internet Statistics
CNET: Can Tech Make Us Healthier
NY Times: CT Scan accidents
My Own Private Memory Hole
4th Ammendment Underwear
Computer World: We're all going to jail
Why Journalists aren't Defending Assange
Blame Defense Department for Wikileaks
YouTube: History of Hacking Complete

x ITGS II Free Speech

x ITGS II Intellectual Property
Sorry About The Music Industry's Downfall
Sports Copyright Message Copyrights
Canada Targeted for Copyright Laws
Google Book Settlement Draws Fire
McColo Takedown
Free Software Foundation
US Copyright Office
Bitlaw - History of Software patents
How much to musicians make?

x ITGS II Privacy
Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation
Making Medical Records a Reality
Oregon Medical Records - Governor
WSJ-Plain View Doctrine
Harris Teeter tracks my every purchase
Obama may let the Real ID act die
The body scanner pendulum swings back
CNET: Privacy Inc. - All Privacy Articles
Electronic Frontier Foundation - Know Your Rights
Obama Unveils Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights
Consumer Reports - Databases That have info about you
Your Rights under Fair Credit Reporting Act
In Europe Speed Cameras have met their match
WSJ: Google Has Software to Predict Who Will Quit
CNET: How 911 Reshaped Privacy
White Pages - Your Neighbors
WIRED: How to Hide from Google
Japanese Internment Camps
Britain has more cameras than China

x ITGS II Encryption
Forensic Methods - Encryption History
PBS Nova Kryptos
YouTube: Passing Encryption Key
History of Encryption Methods

x ITGS II Reliability/Trust
20 famous Computer Disasters
BASELINE-Inside 12 IT Disasters
BASELINE-10 Truths about Project Management
ACM Risk Forum
The computer model that once explained the British economy
Radiation Beam Strays
YouTube: Companies are failing consumers
Computer Therac 25
ABC News: Runaway Toyota Summary

x ITGS II Computer Crime
Hacking videos
History of Hacking
Subpoenas for PS3 Hack Site
FBI - Cyber Crime Site
Consumer Fraud Statistics
The Secret History of Hacking - Complete
x Old Current Events
World's Worst Website
NPR: Winklevoss Twins Lose Again

x Older Current Events
What is Cloud Computing
When Obscenity Filters Go Wrong
CMS-Laptop Tracking leads to arrest

x Computer History
Happy 40th Birthday Internet!
PC World-5 Technologies That Will Change Everything
Computer history
CNET-Top Ten News Stories of the Decade
History of the GUI - Graphical User Interface
How The Internet Was Made
The Emoticon is born, 29 years ago
Best Buy Ad - 1996
Atlantic Mo-First Laptops
ABC News: Steve Jobs Dies
CNET: Steve Jobs Timeline
NY Times: Steve Jobs Patents
New Yorker: Creation Myth (Mouse)
x Current Event Sites
CNN Money
NY Times (Business, Technology)
WSERVERNEWS - Windows Server
VISTANEWS - Windows Vista
Computer World
Wall Street Journal - Tech
WXPNEWS - Windows XP
ACM Tech News Current Issue
ACM Tech News - Current Issue
NSF Bits and Bytes

x Infotech I Topical Articles
Smart Cards
RFID - Radio Frequency ID
Traffic Simulation
Microsimulation of Traffic
Medical Simulation
Knee Replacement Simulation
Identity Thieves Target Children
Can't Focus During Teleconferences
GPS Glossary
GPS & Cell Phones - People Tracking History of MS Publisher
Gallery of Data Visualization
Dashboard - Cool Graphics
What are CASE tools?
How Stuff Works - WiFi Safety
Lab Rats - Printers 101
CASE Tool functionality
How Computer Viruses Work
CAD Stereolithography
Disinfecting a PC with AVG Antivirus
What a credit card skimmer looks like.
Photoshop Blunders
Photo Editing In Society
Digital photos in court evidence
Photo Tampering Throughout History
Tech Terms: Vector Graphics
Add sound to a powerpoint Demo
SAP Modules
SAP Blueprint
Groovymid Midi Sound Files
CD Types and sizes
How a LCD screen works
The Darwinian Evolution of MS Windows
YouTube: What is an Operating System
MS Word Shortcuts 2003
A Great Flash example
Audio Files Explained
A song in one munute
Employment in App Development
NYT: Is Big Brother Spelled GPS
FTC - Privacy Tips
HTML Tutorial
USB 3.0 10 Times Faster
Audio File Formats
Video Formats Explained
Imbedded vs Linked Sounds in Power Point
Tactile Maps
Tactile Maps - Manual Methods
Tactile Graphics Techniques
Gary Bishop - Tools for Blind UNC
Nanopac - Low Vision Products
Corporate Response to Katrina
Power Point Do's and Don'ts
LAB-Rats CD Burning (Marshmellows)
How CD's are made
x General Sites - All Classes
OWL/Perdue Formatting Guide
Smartsheet project mangement software
QuizStar On-line Tests
ITGS I Textbook Site
Count in Binary on your Fingers
Maps-GPS-Info .com
APA Format - electronic articles
MLA Format - electronic articles - automated works cited
Mr. Clarke's Google Webpage
Open Project Download

x CPCC Alliance
Microsoft MSDN
Beginner - Windows Environment
Dream Spark
MSDN - Ramp Up
Cisco Binary Game
Ninite - Install Favorite Apps

x environment
Digital Age: Still High Paper Consumption

x AP Comp Sci Important Websites
Java SE 6.0 API
Sun-Download Java JDK 6 Update 7
Download JCreator LE 3.5 or 4.5
Sun Website
Java Tutorial - Chortle Math Formulas
Flaw in G1 phone - encapsulation?
IBM-Longitude/Latitude Calculations
Mac-Eclipse IDE
YouTube-Creating an Interface (and abstract class)
Java Quick Reference
Java Quick Reference
Sorting Algorithms
Java Fractals
Video: Multi-sided Die in Dungeons and Dragons
How the Java Compiler/Interpreter works
AP Central - Explore AP Comp Sci
Inefective sorts (Chortle)
Sorting Demo
GPS Glossary
Computer Science Unplugged
MAC-Eclipse Download
YouTube-Java Exceptions
Sorting Algorithms
Sorting Algorithms
Hello World Collection
Darpa hiring hackers
Youtube DeMorgans Law
Merge Sort Demo
Pearson JSS Resources

x ITGS II Important Sites
Celestearms ITGS Site
Gift of Fire -2nd Ed - Power Points
Sarah Basse - Gift of Fire Power Points
Weatherbase - Historical weather
ITGS Exam Question - Model Answers
How to use Macros in Excel 2007

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