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x Third Grade Links
3rd Reading Textbook Links Rounding Flashcards
Cool Food
Harcourt Math
Language Arts Textbook
Leap 4 Fun Information
Math Fact Cafe: Grade 3
Reading eBook
Rounding Fractions Flash Cards
Rounding to thousands
S.-F. Science Grade 3 Homepage

x Benchmark Testing
Achievement Series Benchmark Testing
Scantron's Performance Series
Teachers Login
z Curriculum Maps

x Fourth Grade Links
4th Reading Textbook Links
Harcourt Math
Language Arts Textbook
Leap4Fun Information
Math Fact Cafe: Grade 4
Reading eBook
S.-F. Science Grade 4 Homepage
Study Island

x Fifth Grade Links
5th Reading Textbook Links
Harcourt Math
Language Arts Textbook
Leap4Fun Information
Math Fact Cafe
Reading eBook 5th Home

x All Grades
*EAGLE Practice
*Headsprout - Log In
*SkillsTutor Log In
*Spelling City
Coach Connected
EAGLE Home Page
Free Rice
Fun Finder:
I Know
LA Pass
Let's Say Thanks - Cards for Troops
Mixed Grades Reading Textbook Related Links
NaNoWriMo Author Page for Ms. Gail
NaNoWriMo Author Page for NES
Scholastic Story Starter
Sign Language Dictionary
Spelling Dictionaries

x Search Engines / References
*Ask Jeeves Kids
*CyberSleuth Kids
*Dib Dab Doo
*Internet Picture Dictionary
*Internet Public Library
*KidsClick! Web Search
*Merriam-Webster Online
*WordCentral.Com Dictionary

x Gale Group Resources
InfoTrac Subject guide search
Junior Reference Collection
Kids InfoBits
Virtual Reference Library

x Password Required
*Know Zone!
*World Book Online
BrainPOP Jr.
Renzulli Learning

x Gale Group Resources
InfoTrac Subject guide search
Junior Reference Collection
Kids InfoBits
Virtual Reference Library

x Password Required
*Know Zone!
*World Book Online
BrainPOP Jr.
Renzulli Learning

x Spanish Colors & Numbers
Learn Colors in Spanish | Rockalingua
Numbers in Spanish | Rockalingua
Spanish Numbers
Spanish/English Color Match
Spanish/English Color Match | Learning Games For Kids
Spanish: Numbers Quiz

*Translator Alligator
Adjetivos (Adjectives) Concentration
Basic Vocabulary Concentration
Body Parts Hangman
Clothes - Part 1 - Battleship
Clothes - Part 2 - Battleship
Commands 1 Battle Ship
Commands 21 Battleship
Commands 41 Battleship
Cosas de la clase Concentration-School Words
EN MI CLASE Concentration-School words
ER Verbs Battleships
Food and Drink Jeopardy
Greetings Battleship Fun Finder
Household Vocabulary Battleship
Internet Picture Dictionary
Jeopardy Greetings & Nouns
La Ropa Concentration - clothes
Los Colores Concentration
Mi familia Concentrarion
Numbers 1-100 Concentration
THE CLASSROOM Concentration
Tienes una pluma? Concentration-Writing Utensils
Weather Concentration
x Games
Award Ceremony - Ordering #s
BBC - Schools - History
Design a house with Frank Lloyd Wright
Egyptian life - Play Senet online
Faux Paw's Fun Zone (iSafe)
Fun & Games in the Virtual Museum
Growing Alien Plants
Keys to the Kingdom
Make Your Own Cpt. Underpants Comic
Online Connect-the-Dots
Pictures Spelling Game
Ranger Rick's Go Wild!
Show Me UK
Spy X
Top 100 Ed Games
Vocabulary Games

x FunBrain
2Bee or Nottoobee
Bunny Count
Change Maker
Cookie Dough
Dare to Be Sqaure
DoubleFun Match
Fresh Baked Fractions
Fun Match
FunBrain Periodic Table
Guess the Color
Guess the Number
Guess the Number Plus
Line Jumper
MATH Arcade
Measure It!
Number Cracker
Oddball (identifying groups)
One False Move
Operation Order (Math sentences)
Order Me Around (sequential order)
Penguin Waiter (percentages)
Piano Player
Place Value Puzzler
Power Football (math)
Rooting Out Words (root words)
Shape Surveyor (Area and Perimeter)
Sign the Alphabet
Soccer Shoutout (math)
Spell Check
Stay Afloat (hangman)
The Plural Girls
Tit Tac Toe Sqaures
Wacky Tales
What's the Point? (graphing)
What's the Word (identify pics)
Where isThat? (geography)
Word Turtle (word search)
x ELA-Fact and Opinion
Binky's Facts and Opinions
BrainPOP | Fact and Opinion
Fact or Opinion Quiz
Fact or Opinion?
Just Kids Games: Evelyn's Expedition
NY Test Prep- ELA 4- Fact and Opinion
Quia - Fact or Opinion #2
Quia - Fact or Opinion #3
Reading Skills Rocket
Smart Tutor Fact & Opinion L2 V2
Test Tutor
Test Tutor: Leah's Pony

x ELA-Mixed
My Schoolhouse - Language Arts
My Schoolhouse - Reading
My Schoolhouse - Spelling

x ELA-Time Order Sequence
Instruction Sequencer (nothing else)
Past Simple Sentence Sequencing
Quia - Class Page - sequencingfun
Quia - Sequence - Putting Things in Order
Reading Ring: Professor Garfield
Sequence of Events
Story Sequencer (nothing else)
Test Tutor Level 3: Sequence

x ELA-Letters
Dear Mr. Henshaw: Parts of a Friendly Letter - Quia
Handwriting Worksheets - one line repeated

x ELA-Prefixes & Suffixes
List of Most Common
Prefix & Suffix Game for Kids - Prefixes & Suffixes Practice Exercise Activity
Prefix and Suffix Practice | Learn English
Reading Fun: Prefixes, Suffixes, Root Words
Suffixes and Prefixes - Meanings

x ELA-Possessive Nouns
*Possessive Practice
Possessive Noun Tic Tac Toe
Possessive Nouns PowerPoint
Possessive Nouns Quiz
Possessive Nouns- Singular or Plural?
Quia - Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns
Singular Possessive Nouns

x ELA-Subjects & Predicates
BrainPOP - Subject and Predicate
My Schoolhouse - Subject Predicate Lesson
Quia-Kinds of Sentences; Subjects & Predicates
Quia-Rags to Riches-Independent simple subject and predicate
Sink or Swim-Use arrows to move, space to catch fish

x ELA-types of sentences
BrainPOP - Types of Sentences
BrainPOP Jr. - Types of Sentences
Quia - Sentence Types
Quia - Types of Sentences
Quiz on Sentence Types
Sentence Sort
x Math-Mixed - 3rd Math - 4th math - 5th Math
Arcademic Skill Builders
Cool Math
Fun 4 the Brain
Hooda Math Games
ISAT Math 5 - 55?s
ISAT Math 55 ?s
Math Fact Cafe
Math Facts - Check List on right
Math Nook

x Math-Multiplication
Fact Monster
Farm Stand
Lemonade Larry
Math Magician

x Math-Word Problems
Math Word Problems

x Math-Odd & Even Numbers
Even & Odd Numbers (Math Nook)

x Math-Fractions
Fraction Games Online
Fun 4 the Brain - Beyond the Facts
Fun Kids Fractions
Gamequarium: Fraction Games
Jam It Fraction Games
Math Games: Fractions Tutorial
Turkey Terminator

x Math-Time
Add and subtract mixed time units (4)
Add and subtract mixed time units (5)
Bedtime Bandits
Bitesize Maths - Clockworks
Clock Shoot
Concentration - Words, Analog & Digital Clocks Telling Time Game
Convert between hours and fractions of hours (3)
Convert time units (4)
Convert time units (5)
Elapsed time (4)
Elapsed time (5)
Elapsed time I (3)
Elapsed time II (3)
Find start and end times: word problems (4)
Find start and end times: word problems (5)
Free Online Time Games
Hero Michael Teaches Time
Hours and minutes game (<=>)
Match Clocks
Math Buddy Cat or Mouse
NASA - Flip Time
On Time
On Time Level 1
Read clocks and write times (3)
Reading an analog clock
Reading schedules (3)
Relate time units (3)
Schedules and time lines (5)
Smiley Clock
Stop the Clock Level 1
Stop the Clock Level 2
Stop the Clock Level 3
Stop the Clock Level 4
Stop the Clock Level 5
Tell time
Telling Time
Time patterns (3)
Time zones (4)
Time zones (5)
Transportation schedules (4)
Tutorial - a visual way to solve elapsed time problems
What time is it?
What Time Will It Be?
x Christmas
**The North Pole Web Site
Build a Snowman - BlackDog's Christmas
Christmas Cookies Jigsaw
Christmas Friends
Christmas Jokes, Riddles and One Liners
Christmas Match Game
Christmas Tree
Cute Christmas Puppy Dress Up
Decorate a Christmas tree - BlackDog's Christmas
Get Scrooge - BlackDog's Christmas
Glass Cookies: Sara's Cooking Class
Jigsaw - Turtle With Gift
Jigsaw Puzzles - BlackDog's Christmas
Many Faces of Santa
Many Ways to Say Merry Christmas
Match Game! - BlackDog's Christmas
Names for Santa Around the World
NORAD Tracks Santa
Poems - BlackDog's Christmas
Santa Is Coming
Santa Slider
Santa's Village
Santalicious Candy Match
Snowball Toss
Story of Hanukkah
The Biggest Christmas Tree
Tic-Tac-Toe Christmas Tree - BlackDog's Christmas
Tic-Tac-Toe with Rudolph - BlackDog's Christmas
Tic-Tac-Toe with Santa - BlackDog's Christmas
Trim a Gingerbread House

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